Kasey Willson’s new book ‘Balanced’

Naturopath and nutritionist Kasey Willson has recently released a new lifestyle health book ‘Balanced – The Natural Way to Healthy Hormones’. Now released on store shelves, the book assists in tackling your hormone imbalances and aims to help women regain control of their health.

 The VIP launch of Willson’s new book was held at the Xtend Barre Queenstown fitness studio at Port Adelaide. Organised in partnership with Girl About Town, guests were treated to a one-hour yoga session followed by light refreshments and treats provided by Nutrition Republic and Pure Press.

Pure Press juices

For someone who hasn’t participated in any yoga classes previously, I found the experience to be relaxing and also somewhat challenging. It’s interesting discovering which side of your body is stronger at balancing than the other. In my case, my supposedly dominant right side struggled with certain poses while my left was far steadier.


The exercises stretched hamstrings and flexed body parts in fascinating ways that first time yoga participants may not have known before. That being said, I was expecting to have sore muscles the following day but only had slightly tender calves.

After the yoga session concluded, Willson gave a brief speech about he newly treasured book and how she strongly believes good nutrition is a fundamental asset to achieving true health.

Whether you have mood swings, breakouts or period problems, the book allows readers to understand their symptoms and steps to take to solve the issue.

The first chapter of ‘Balanced’ is free to download here otherwise the book can be purchased on Kasey Willson’s website or at your nearest bookstore!


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