Minimax homewares launch with chef Matt Moran

Words by Helena Senesi

Adelaide’s eastern suburb of Norwood is lucky enough to be home to South Australia’s very first Minimax homewares store. On Tuesday night (September 13th), the store opened its doors for the first time to media entrepreneurs and members of the public. What seemed to attract people to the family owned and operated store wasn’t the fantastic range of homewares, cookery and bathroom appliances available for purchase but rather celebrity chef Matt Moran.


Chef Matt Moran (right) and former Masterchef contestant Callum Hann (left)

Guests were treated to cooking demonstrations by Moran himself along with the assistance of Adelaide’s own Callum Hann, former MasterChef contestant and owner of Sprout. Together the pair provided light humour and cooked up a storm with two simple dishes everyone could all recreate in their home. The first dish demonstrated was Crab Linguine with Peas and Chilli and the second dish was Pan Roasted Snapper, Bonito Master Stock and Asian Greens. While the two were cooking away the aroma that filled the large store was sensational, just about everyone wanted to get up and have a taste! Matt explained how each ingredient sourced was all in season, which he believes is one of the most important parts about cooking fresh food. Throughout the demonstration Matt used all Scanpan products that are available for purchase at Minimax.

Cooking demos

Audience members asked questions throughout the evening including what Adelaide restaurant Moran enjoys eating at.

‘I haven’t been to Adelaide in a while, but I would recommend Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurant,’ said Moran. Hann agreed with this statement and also suggested Andre’s Cucina & Polenta Bar.

At particular moments Moran spoke words of cooking wisdom that seemed fairly straightforward but effective.

‘With whatever cooking you do, make sure it’s simple; don’t make the cooking too complicated,’ he said.

Guests also didn’t leave empty handed but instead with two bagfuls of Minimax’s best products. Three lucky attendees also got to go home with a scanpan pot and pan set.

The Norwood Minimax stocks nearly everything you can think of for your home from kitchenware, cookware, electrical appliances, stationery, home décor and even a stunning range of fashion apparel. The stylish store even has their own exclusive range as the buyers go to the manufacturers in Portugal and work with them to come up with a design exclusive to Minimax.

Special thanks once again to Girl About Town for the invite, to Matt Moran for attending and to Scanpan Australia.

(From left to right): writer Helena Senesi, Matt Moran and founder Carina Stathis

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