A Fairytale Dream in Stirling


“Whisk me away, even if it’s in a dreamy fairy land with endless possibilities…”

This is the thought that came to mind upon walking through the larger-than-life gates that serve as an enclosure to the Adelaide Hills’ historical properties – Thorngrove Manor Hotel.

Last weekend, Thorngrove Manor opened its gates to the public for the first time in 10 years, as part of the new season of Open Gardens SA. The manor offers visitors with a truly unique experience where intimacy, history and architecture collide. Upon walking onto the property, you gain a sense of what Old England may have been like and also feel like a tourist who has entered an unknown yet magical land.


Appearing to look like it’s straight out of a Renaissance painting, the Manor has captured the royal look through its castle-like appearance, tall towers, gigantic balcony overlooking the Manor, and fresh garden beds with aromatic flora. There are a number of different paths that lead you to scenic views in and around the Manor, including an impressive row of elm trees, inviting furniture, and green hedges. The Manor is situated less than 2km from the Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens and 9km from Belair National Park.


The event was a fun-filled day for children and adults alike; There were princes and princesses, kings and queens, and even a super cute Gandalf who was having the time of his life exploring this enormous piece of land. The vibes at this event were overflowing with happiness, positivity, and a sense of the community coming together could not be more warmly welcomed on a chilly, crisp day during the early days of spring in South Australia.

There were topiary animals, including squirrels, elephants, dogs, sheep, and giraffes, that have been sculptured and craftily blended within the garden to make it appear like a curious and alluring playground for everyone who visits the property.

While it would have been spectacular to view the interior décor of the Manor itself, we felt pretty special in admiring the garden area of the Manor. The many lavish rooms would provide fantastic romantic settings amongst the beautiful sunshine and gazing out into the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

With a very decent entry fee of $8 per person (kids get in for free with adults), all proceeds were donated to the Stirling CFS and the Stirling Library. What a great way to support our unsung heroes and local organizations!



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