Pop-Up Ball Pit Bar: Unleash your inner child

Words by Guy Henderson


With only one week until the mid-semester break, the Adelaide University Union decided to kick start celebrations early with a Ball Pit Bar event – a combination of everyone’s childhood memory, the ball pit, and every university student’s favourite activity, drinking.

For three consecutive nights, the ground floor of the Rhino Room was knee deep in colourful plastic balls. Known for attracting crowds with their creative and unusual events, the Rhino Room as the perfect venue to host this successful sold out function. After some much needed assistance climbing over crate barriers by Union volunteers, guests waded their way across the floor, passing people who had submerged themselves under the sea of plastic balls. It was a true challenge not stepping or falling onto people’s legs.


After splashing your way across the unusual dance floor, the bar was a necessary pit stop where you could sample the selection of cocktails and mocktails. All of the specialty drinks were inspired by Australian childhood memories, including an orange Zooper Dooper flavour. The throwbacks didn’t stop there. Just outside in the beer garden was a fairy floss machine, spinning free fairy floss for anyone who needed to take a break from the energetic ball pit.

Adelaide Union volunteers were at hand to help people in, out and around the ball pit and were ready to take song requests. The music was all pop and R&B classics spanning from the late 80’s to the early 2000’s, bringing together artists we had long forgotten were the staples of our early music experience, such as Shaggy and Robbie Williams.

Sitting in the ball pit was probably the most enjoyable part of the night. It wasn’t uncommon for a playful fight to break out in the middle of the pit, with a rainbow of plastic balls flying in every direction, often hitting you in the face. Unfortunately, the sheer size and density of the ball pit restricted dancing slightly, requiring a lot of upper body movement and a strong core to keep yourself from slipping over the few hundred plastic domes around your feet. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop people from jamming to their favourite tracks while trying to defend themselves from flying balls!

The night was a great stress reliever for one more week of uni before the two-week break between semesters where everyone could relive a cherished childhood memory.


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