Introducing Adelaide’s newest karaoke bar!


The infamous Hindley Street is increasingly becoming home to a number of new bars, clubs and hangout spots, which are slowly revolutionising its rowdy reputation with refreshing new places for town-goers to explore.

If you have passed Hindley Street recently, you may have noticed a rather cute and quaint-looking restaurant called Gondola Gondola on the side-lane of Peel Street. The owners of this restaurant have now taken it another step further by opening a brand-spanking new karaoke bar not too far from GG. Everything Adelaide was given the pleasure to be invited by local PR firm Girl About Town to the launch of Shangri-La.


Co-founded by Tuoi Tran and Charlie Ji, Shangri-La offers its customers with an oriental-themed karaoke bar that comes with a modern twist. Adorned with Chinese lanterns and a signature mural painted on one of the walls by talented artist Elaine Cheng, Shangri-La aims to provide customers with an intimate and upmarket experience of singing to your heart’s content. Embracing the Chinese theme, beautiful lettering is also painted on other walls by local Adelaide artists.


Although, don’t be fooled by the seemingly small venue because there is enough space to enjoy a gathering with a big group of friends. In addition to options of dim sim plates (which can be ordered into the karaoke rooms) and pizzas at the front bar, customers can also enjoy Chinese-influenced cocktails such as winter melon and oolong tea.


There is also a huge balcony overlooking Hindley Street for guests to grab a bite and/or a drink whilst watching the hustle and bustle of our favourite street in town.

Whether you decide to head to Shangri-La on the night or plan an event at the place, you will be treated to an exotic experience that provides you with a brilliant balance of Asian and Western themes

Location: 1/128 Hindley Street, Adelaide


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