Producer in Residence: Insta Streat

img_7863The Producer in Residence stall at the Adelaide Central Market has a new pop-up restaurant to brag about: Insta Streat. This delicious vendor is the food truck little bro of Mai Kitchen, a Vietnamese restaurant that boasts a vegan-friendly menu along with the usual Vietnamese favourites. The owners were kind enough to invite us to try out the menu, and we left very happy indeed.

While the restaurant is vegan friendly, meat lovers are not forgotten. Skewers including pork, fish balls and chicken were all flavoursome without the need for sauce (although the sauce tasted great too)!

All the favourite Vietnamese dishes are present: Cold rolls were served featuring gorgeous edible flowers. So not only do they taste great, they are also Instagram worthy… Which is a lovely bonus. If you want something a little naughtier, the Hanoi Spring Rolls are fried, with a light crispy outside that tastes great. Of course, these days you can’t seem to have a Vietnamese restaurant without the ever-popular Banh Mi. As always, this Vietnamese bread roll is filling and satisfying.


In addition to the staples, the Vegan Dumpling Soup is satisfying for both vegans and non-vegans alike. I was actually surprised to find the soup was vegan, and didn’t miss meat or chicken stock soup in the slightest.


My personal favourite were the Banh Cuon/Rice Pork Rolls. I loved the chewy texture and abundance of pork and mushrooms, complemented by crunchy fried spring onions and fresh vegetables.


If you love the fresh flavours and textures of Vietnamese food, try Insta Streat. You can visit their stall at Adelaide Central Market between Tuesday September 6 and Saturday September 17.

If you miss it, or can’t make it, check out their Facebook, Instagram, or visit their partner restaurant in Ferryden Park, Mai Kitchen. They also provide catering and delivery, for those who are tired of the same old sandwiches during office functions!



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