Jamaica Blue (Myer Centre): the coffee professionals


Have you ever looked up in the Myer Centre before? If you haven’t you’re missing out on a whole lot of outstanding food and drinks that’ll get your coffee senses tingling.

Jamaica Blue in the Myer Centre is a lovely coffee joint that’s ideal to meet with friends or family for a breakfast date, a lunch catch up, a quick dessert fix or a simple coffee. The name comes from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, which is home to one of their most exclusive coffee producing regions in the world: Wallenford Estate Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. With a background such as this, you know the coffee is going to be great.


The wonderful, unique feature about Jamaica Blue in the Myer Centre that sets it apart from others is the view it has above Rundle Mall. Everything Adelaide was invited by shop owner Mona to enjoy the great taste of what Jamaica Blue has to offer.

To begin with something different for breakfast apart from pancakes (our personal favourite), we decided to try the Vegetarian Breakfast with poached eggs, grilled haloumi, roasted tomato, mushrooms and pesto on toast. The dish was multi-layered in taste with a selection of great elements working harmoniously together. The small butter mushrooms melted in the mouth, as did the well-cooked eggs that almost tasted creamy. The overflow of texture was present yet not overpowering; each individual element complimented one another but still retaining its individuality. From crunchy lettuce, rough and zesty pesto to divine haloumi, the dish certainly started things off well.

Up next was the Chicken Caesar Burger with bacon, a gooey fried egg, Parmesan cheese and lettuce served with a side of chips. Visually, the dish looked stunning; the burger’s insides were exposed wearing an oozy friend egg and the top bun was tilted on the side. For a burger, the dish had a slight sweetness of possibly lemon juice and mustard but balanced the sweet to the savoury well. The chicken wasn’t dry, well seasoned and not too salty. With the delicious salty bacon and runny egg also in the burger, it was almost like having a second breakfast, which we’re not complaining about.


Customers also have the option of enjoying a bowl of potato or sweet potato chips to munch on with the burger. The fries themselves were cooked excellently as they were not soggy but crispy and crunchy, as chips should be!


Last but certainly never least is dessert. As soon as you step foot into Jamaica Blue you may instantly notice their appealing cabinet of small desserts and sweet treats. All desserts at Jamaica Blue are made fresh in store every morning, besides selected pastries. Two particular desserts were recommended: the Dark Chocolate & Walnut Brownie served with cream and the Lemon and Sugar Muffin.


The muffin was incredibly light and the winning asset was the lemon curd hidden within until the first bite. Despite being titled a lemon muffin, it didn’t taste overly acidic but was just enough to taste the lemon tang.

Unlike the lemon muffin, the brownie was an intense hit of chocolate that was rather in your face as soon as you bit into it. Made with decadent Lindt chocolate, the dessert was quite intense and will definitely have chocolate lovers falling at their feet. The top had a light sprinkle of icing sugar and was slightly crusty while the center was soft and warm, perfect.

Once everything had been eaten and enjoyed a common trait was recognised; all the food served was tasty and light but left you feeling highly satisfied and content. The simple elements and ingredients were used well to present dishes that are full of flavour and texture.

As you sip your coffee, eat your food and enjoy light chatter let the day pass you buy relaxing with a view over Adelaide’s iconic Rundle Mall. We’ll be sure to see you there.

Location: 22 Rundle Mall, Adelaide


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