Nutrition Republic // Pana Chocolate

Chocolate that’s actually good for you? Is there such a thing? Of course there is!

Nutrition Republic brings together the combination everyone desires: healthy chocolate.


As soon as you step food in the door you can smell the natural, sweet sensations of high quality chocolate. The wonderful thing about the desserts, bars and hot chocolate Nutrition Republic makes is that it’s completely guilt free; all the chocolate made it gluten free, dairy free, soy free and vegan.

Located down King William Road at Hyde Park, the raw dessert bar is a quaint little joint that’s ideal for your morning takeaway coffee or a quick bite to eat with friends. With its wooden decor and cozy feel, its easy to make yourself at home.

To showcase the new collaboration between Nutrition Republic and Pana Chocolate, a Melbourne based brand, samples of healthy and addictive chocolate treats were served to guests throughout the night along with cups of delicious vegan hot chocolate.


Various flavours were provided all of which were incredibly satisfying and rich in taste. A definitely crowd favourite was the coconut and goji berry slice. The slice was device and melted in your mouth with every bite. It also seemed to have a slight hint of mint which was a nice surprise. Although, I would’ve also liked the coconut to have run through the entire slice and not just on top.

Although the price of $9.50 for one of these chocolates may be a tad on the expensive side for some, the quality and detail of each piece makes it worth every cent.

Location: 1/100 King William Road, Hyde Park


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