Behind The Little Red Door

Words by Carina Stathis and Helena Senesi

What is behind the Little Red Door? Enter with curiosity and stay for an intriguing night of fun, cocktails and peculiar occurrences.

On Thursday (August 18th) night Everything Adelaide attended the launch of Adelaide’s newest basement bar, The Little Red Door. We didn’t quite know what to expect from the event on Hindley Street, but from the moment we walked down the black stairs we were impressed!

The black decor gave off a mysterious vibe and lit the backdrop of glowing drinks behind the bar. Resembling a raunchy, lingerie/BDSM feel, all the staff members were wearing matching outfits: the women were all wearing matching black corset outfits with vibrant red bob wigs while the guys wore black skirts and red suspenders.

Throughout the evening, guests were treated to a range of unique cocktails exclusive to The Little Red Door. All the cocktails were divine but we particularly loved the CHI-CHI cocktail, a perfect blend of Midori, Lychee and Mailbu with a touch of pineapple. It was refreshing and sweet, definitely a perfect drink for the summer months coming up!

Although the vibrant red cocktail had both a cherry and a chili floating in it, I was delightedly surprised to discover its sweet taste. It was actually somewhat refreshing also, which was surprising for a cocktail.

On the naughty side of the menu was the Cotton Candy Martini. Although the drink simply looked like lolly water, it packed a strong punch from the smallest sip. Combined with two types of vodka, regular and raspberry infused, along with cranberry juice, this cocktail is quite misleading. It was a bit sweet and strong but overall quite nice both taste and presentation wise.  The martini glass itself was dipped in honey and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands, it was certainly a yummy twist on your average martini!

Along with the martini was the Alien’s Blood cocktail. At first glance we were expecting it to taste strong as it contained traces of malibu, midori, peach schnapps and banana shaken with a hint of sweet and sour and with blue curacao blood dripping. Although, the drink was far more sweet than I thought and was definitely a favourite of the night.

The wonderful bar staff

We can’t wait what else The Little Red Door has in store this Saturday night for their grand opening. See you there!

Special thanks to Eventalaide for the invite and for a great night!

Location: 182B Hindley St, Adelaide


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