Malachi Empire; for the modern bride

Words and images by Emily Underwood


Spring is nearly upon us, and so is wedding season! In time for this, an incredible bridal dress designer has revealed their latest collection, dazzling brides-to-be and the fashion –loving public with a beautiful range of modern dresses. Malachi Empire, led by designer Sok, one of SA’s most sought after couturists, released their Wildflower Collection on August 12th at the Lakes Resort, West Lakes. It was an event not to be missed, and was Malachi’s first fashion show. They did not disappoint.

The function room was fitted to compliment the mood of the dresses, feminine and flowery with a colour scheme of bold pinks and reds, and classy white. The runway was adorned with flowers, branches and subtle white candles. I sat in the front row with a glass of champagne, and took in the atmosphere of bubbly mingling guests and anticipation for the dresses to come out. When the stunning Powell models came out, the audience was clearly captivated.


The models each had a different shape and displayed a unique style, and the female form was celebrated wonderfully by the cuts of the dresses. The attention to detail in the designs was evident, with each gown enhanced by hand-sewn patterns, delicate drapery and hand stitched laces. Sok’s commitment to individualise every dress was incredible, each dress differentiated from the other in design, but all would leave a bride feeling elegant and unique.

Romantic and often understated, the gowns emphasised Sok’s ability to design a gown that is earthy and edgy, but still incredibly elegant. Nude, white, cream and pink blushes were the tones of the dresses, each with a distinct whimsical design.

After 23 years of work, SA’s finest bridal couturist has delivered a stunning selection of modern dresses that will take a gown-hunting bride’s breath away. Prices for these exquisite custom-made gowns start at $4000, and the dressmakers can be contacted via an online form at Malachi Empire.


Special thanks to Girl About Town for the invite.


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