Oh Deer Sugar turns 1!

13950957_10153706794136806_1353766793_oTaking pride in itself as being a “non-edible bakery”, Oh Deer Sugar has just completed one very beautiful and successful year here in our lil’ ol’ town of Adelaide! Having set up base in Regent Arcade this time last year, Oh Deer Sugar has skyrocketed in its popularity, hitting close to 30 thousand followers on Instagram and forever adding a bit of fun and magic to our relaxing bath/spa sessions at home, after a long day/week/month! 13939936_10153706794291806_905893647_o

I have to admit – walking into Oh Deer Sugar makes me hungry every single time, without fail! But, it still makes me appreciate their products, starting off by getting lost in a trance-like state at their products.

With the labels such as “cruelty-free” and “vegan”, you know that you’re in safe hands and can truly take a moment to treat yo’self! It’s the little things such as these luxuries that make us feel rewarded, every time we get some serious adulting done!

Oh Deer Sugar is a concept (and a baby product) by two Adelaide locals, Sharni and Nikki, who came up with the idea in 2013 to produce these bath-based goodies for the little kids in all of us. Each of their products has been cleverly crafted to represent almost life-like elements and features, resembling real dough-based treats. I bought the ‘chocolate freckle’, which has a crispy cookie layer, holding little balls of freckles in it nicely. I also saw many versions of donut, including lime and blueberry, and even found the best food that exists on this planet – the pizza – in the form of bubble bath soap.



This place is eerily similar to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory where kids and adults alike can get lost for hours (and get some serious cravings in the process too) over how wonderful and relaxing Oh Deer Sugar has been set out to be.

If your body looks like it could use a pick-me-up, why not wander into Oh Deer Sugar and get some colourful cupcakes or shiny, glittery galaxy-themed scones! The rustic-looking store is inviting and the people who work there can guide you on what would be the optimum fit for your body’s nourishment. There are lots of options of body scrubs, bath bombs, face masks (Zesty Mojitos, anyone?), and soaps to choose from, so go nuts and pamper yourself to the full! There are some brilliant birthday-special sales on at the moment, so the time is now.


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