More than coffee – Elementary Coffee


Giving a new and wonderful meaning to the term ‘minimalism’, Elementary Coffee is a micro roastery that aims to provide cups full of caffeine-filled goodness to their customers. Bringing us fresh coffee, which has been sourced from all around the world, as well as sourcing local produce within Australia, there is a certain level of intensity and flavour for everyone with a passion for coffee.

Upon walking in to the newly established café, I was thrilled to see the excellent use of a warehouse, where minimalism was definitely a strong theme. Everything from the furniture to the accessories to the decoration was perfect. The location is ideal too, because it resides in a quiet street just off the popular office-crowd district. And Brad Nixon, owner of Elementary Coffee, reflects his love for pure, roasted coffee in the drinks he serves.

I particularly love how you get a classy, elegant vibe through its décor, but it counterbalances well with the chilled and casual element through their color scheme. Everything is exposed in the natural lighting that invites itself into the café, and you can see what you order being made fresh and right in front of you. There’s no beating around the bush – just unpretentious and upfront high quality stuff all around the café. After all, food and drinks can be visually stimulating, right?


As I waltzed in towards the end of the day, I asked Brad to serve me what he thought would be best at that time of the day. I was presented with a very strong but oh so satisfying hot mug of ‘pour over’ filter coffee. Not a huge fan of black coffee, but I didn’t mind this one! The coffee I had was of the Kenya Kanake brand and there was a subtle sweet and sour tang to it! One sip in and it hit the right spot, in terms of the kick that one expects to get from caffeine!


Open Monday-Friday from 7:30am-3:30pm, make sure you stop by and say hello to the friendly people who work here. Their coffee is amazing, the staff members are down-to-earth, they’re working on getting some more options of food, and the ambience is just what you’re after on a crisp morning out in the CBD before work!

Where?: 9-17 Young St, Adelaide


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