For the love of Food


Above all of the Westfields located around Adelaide, Westfield Marion has always reined supreme. From fashion, cinematography and food, it’s difficult to pinpoint what Marion doesn’t have. Though I am a proud South Australian myself, I still get lost making my way through the Marion shopping centre simply because it’s massive and has so much to offer!

Recently, the large shopping mall has developed a fresh, urban looking food complex. Friday night (August 5th), Everything Adelaide along with other Adelaide bloggers were invited to Girl About Town’s food-loving event to go and see the upgraded section for ourselves.

The event began in front of Woolworths where a small segregated area was organised in a farm-like style. Platters of cheese, fruit and meats were placed on top of stacked blacked crated and a carpet of fake grass was laid out to set up the area of the event. As people ate and glasses of champagne and the sweet rum cocktail were being drank, artist Azzurro was painting the mall’s logo on a mural stating ‘For the Love of Food’.


Along with the food, the drinks provided at the event were both popular and flavoursome. Though there wasn’t much selection for drinks, the orange rum cocktail was certainly the favourite because of its freshness and zing.


The new mall gives off a very market-like vibe and has a sense of community spirit with its tightly packed food joints, wooden decor and dim lighting, all of which are very fitting to the urban theme. As we walked around and began to buy, we were flabbergasted by the variety of new shops on offer.

The coconut hot chocolate and hazelnut brownies at French inspired patisserie La Madeline are absolutely packed with sweet couverture chocolate, which is perfect for all you sweet tooths out there. Other popular joints also included Hopoco and Warong.

I also particularly loved the little food quotes written on chalk boards around the sitting spaces. Some included ‘Soup of the Day: Wine’ and ‘A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands’, which might be a strategy to get shoppers to buy more food – it certainly worked on me.

The wonderful asset about this event and the food mall itself is that all produce is locally grown in South Australia. Even just walking around the new food centre opens your eyes to the great food that is grown in our wonderful state and will definitely encourage people to buy local.

The only slight let down with the mall, I wish it was bigger because that would mean more food!

Thanks again to Girl About Town for the invite

Location: 297 Diagonal Rd, Oaklands Park


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