A New Era for A Heritage Hotel

Words and images by Emily Underwood

It is always an exciting and promising thing when a landmark hotel revamps its menu. After undergoing changes in the last few years, the heritage-listed Stag Hotel in East End Adelaide has recently undergone a facelift, returning to a pub-style bistro offering a tantalising, but still affordable, new menu.

The new pub-style dishes offer an array of options from schnitzels, steaks and burgers. As the hotel undergoes a drastic change in setting and food offerings, I was offered the chance to sample elements of this exciting new venture.

Returning to the Stag on the 21st of July for the first time since its renovations 6 months ago, I took in the dramatic changes to the layout of the hotel. It now has a casual, yet sophisticated dining feel, with stylish new décor and furniture, large mirrors, and a swish bar. Whilst still retaining the traditional pub setting, with televisions for watching the football with a beer, it has gained a new atmosphere of contemporary classiness.

On Thursday the 21st of July, I was treated to five dishes from the menu, accompanied

by delicious sparkling wine. First off the menu was the Chargrilled Octopus, with black bean, olives, cucumber and chilli jam. The octopus was grilled to perfection, with a slightly smoky taste. The jam complemented the texture of the octopus wonderfully. As a foodie who is new to seafood, the Stag offered me an exciting first option!


The second item was Soft Shell Crab Slider. To see a whole crab peeking out of my burger was different and disconcerting to say the least! But once I had become used to the precarious legs sticking out of the bun, I realised that the meat from the crab was succulent and tender. The pickled carrot and coriander mayo were delectable, and left me wanting a full-sized burger.



Next came the Duck Pie floater from the Stag’s ‘BIG DISHES’ selection. A bite-sized but delicious portion arrived, leaving me salivating for the real big thing! Pea & ham soup, mashed potato and capsicum chutney served as the sides for this amazing floater, each had a very strong flavour which complemented the meat of the pie excellently.

Last on the list for the main courses was the Scotch Fillet with Mac & Cheese, an item I had been holding out for! The steak was seared wonderfully, and the mac & cheese brought me back to my childhood. The onion rings that are offered with the steak are a fantastic bonus, crunchy and a perfect side to a steak. The 300gm Australian Black Angus is worth the price of $34.

The Stag Hotel’s new menu caters for a wide range of diners. Having sampled both the tapas appetisers and the main meals, they are all great value for money and it is easy to find something to suit all taste-buds. The new setting provides a fun, comfortable setting for a night out. I highly recommend checking out this revamped hotel!

Be sure to also follow their new Instagram account and check out their Facebook page!

Special thanks again to Girl About Town


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