Adelaide Girl Takes on London


Adele’s popular lyric ‘Hello from the other side’ has never been so useful until about two and a half weeks ago. If you haven’t heard by now, Everything Adelaide has taken a rather big leap half way around the world and stopped in the wonderful, energetic city of London!

The adventure began on June 18th when I safely arrived at Heathrow airport. Since then the days have been long and the coffees have been strong but I’ve loved every minute of it all. Though they say you experience some sort of ‘culture shock’ when traveling, I haven’t indulged in this expectation; London seems to  just like home back in Adelaide, but with more people.

A benefit in studying abroad is the diverse range of people you meet along the way. From the people you sit with in class, share a dorm with or even the people you meet in public.

Wales weekend trip (June 25th-26th)

I’ve seen the wondrous Stonehenge with my own eyes, walked the streets of Bath where Jane Austen once lived and wrote the popular Romantic novel Persuasion, strolled through Tintern Abbey where William Wordsworth once stood and was flabbergasted throughout Gloucestershire and Oxford. As an English student, I was over the moon the entire weekend.

Before embarking on the weekend trip I didn’t realise how obsessed I was with the Stonehenge and Romantic writers of the 18th century. Stonehenge was gorgeous and also somewhat odd due to the amount of speculation and curiosity that arises as you walk around it. The fact that those that build it did so with no machinery is astounding, only raising curiosity further.

Tourist Favourites:
Westminster and Buckingham Palace

It may sound a bit cliche’, but my favourite area within the city that we’ve visited so far has to be Westminster. Though during rush hour the area is pumping with both locals and tourists, it’s an incredible sight that gives you a mixed feeling of excitement of being there and the history of it all. However, when I first saw Big Ben I thought the monument would be bigger than it actually is. Regardless, it’s in the list of personal favourite landmarks.

 Before I left home to head to London, one of the things my Mum said to me apart from ‘be safe’ and ‘don’t drink too much’ was ‘find Prince Harry and take a selfie with him’. It seemed to be more of a task than upon the list of do’s and don’ts. Up until this point, the box is yet thebe ticked even though we waited outside his home for a few hours. But don’t worry, I’m still here for three weeks.

Brighton bound (July 2nd)

Considering the Wales weekend trip was incredibly amazing and barely any sleep was had, Brighton had to live up to the expectations. The trip had its good and average moments that in some ways made it just as good was Wales and in some other ways no way near as close.

The train ride was slightly longer than Wales but as it was only a day trip we weren’t stuck on a bus for two days. The tour guide of the small city by the sea was short and there wasn’t as much to see as I thought there was. Since we were also right near the ocean shore it was very windy but also sunny.

 We went to typical tourist locations and learn that Brighton is the only town in England to not have a cathedral and because of this it was originally not considered to be a city. I found Brighton itself to be indeed small but that it seemed to have small perks about it, such as an original Banksy mural and the best gelato café, Boho Gelato, in the UK.

Study Abroad: University of Wesminster

For the first three weeks I have been studying Television in London at the University of Westminster at Harrow. The course required students to produce three two minute videos: a documentary, a drama and an interview video. At first, this seemed like a lot for three weeks, but it was a breeze! A benefit of this particular course is that it allowed students to choose a London-related topic they’re interested in.

Students were also given the opportunity to work behind a studio camera and learn about how television crews work behind the scenes, it’s far more intense than you think!

As I begin the third week of by study abroad trip I can’t wait for more sightseeing to take place, adventures to be had and memories to be made. The first three weeks has gone by so fast and sadly so will the next three, so we all better make the most of it.


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    I’m planning a trip to England in September but will be in London for only 2 days. Which is the best place to stay to get the most of London.


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