Spicy Food and Spicier Drinks at Adelaide’s Newest Bar

Words and images by Raelene Thomas


For those who enjoy the spices of India will certainly love the food and decently priced cocktails provided by Naya Restaurant and Bar in Adelaide’s CBD. This modern Indian bar welcomes its customers with a warm, mellow atmosphere. The booths provide comfort and allow easy conversation with music played loudly enough to talk over. What’s even better is the service of polite and well-mannered staff, who greet you with a smile.

This cosy warm environment is suitable for small gatherings but would not be convenient for large groups. The space has ideal lighting in the right places, where as the seating area has dim lighting In comparison to the nicely lit bar.

At the front bar I was given a glass of what looked like to be a piece of chicken on a skewer with a sample of the cocktail I learned was called Butter Chicken. You can say it was a food and cocktail blended into one. It was not what I expected upon the first taste in a good way. Although it is not something I would personally order from the menu.

However, among three concoctions of drinks, I enjoyed the Chai Martini the most. Although slightly diluted in fragrance, I appreciated its simpleness. One thought I might add is that it can be improved if the flavours were stronger for full satisfaction.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 7.21.13 PM.png

I was offered a plate of Naan Taco which I took a liking to the most, again because it was simple and had a generous serving. Another piece of finger food I enjoyed was the Rice Bun Burger with crab. Cooked to perfection, the rice bun was soft and moist. The crab patty in between had a nice crunch, but salty on its own. The burger had a good consistency as the rice balances out the saltiness.


The Chocolate Tiger cocktail had an appeal in presentation with chocolate trickled against the sides of the glass. At first taste it had an unexpectedly strong, sweet flavour. I could describe it as a dessert in a drink.


At the end of the night I was presented with what appeared to be a donut drizzled in syrup called Gulab Jamon. The dessert had a nice amount of sweetness and I had the pleasure to taste a sample. In one bite I was surprised with a warm fulfilling mouthful. It was certainly my favourite dish from the whole night.

Overall, I enjoyed the duration of my stay at Naya. I recommend this city joint for someone who wants to experience something different than your usual cocktail bar. Especially those who enjoy a little spice in both their food and drink.

Special thanks to Eventalaide

Location: 2/24 Waymouth Street, Adelaide


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