More for Magill – Hibernia Cafe opening

If you’re searching for a new place to enjoy a warm coffee or tea with friends, or relax in a chilled area that serves great food, you’re certainly in luck because Hibernia cafe at Magill is opening this Thursday! Magill is homed to many friendly cafes that are either straight on Magill Road or hidden around various corners. Though Hibernia indeed on Magill Road, you may pass it if you’re not careful (I sure did!).

Although a complete menu is yet to finalised with the business owners, Everything Adelaide received and several other Adelaide bloggers experienced a taste of what is to come at their VIP media launch last night. Entering the cafe through the two glass doors edged with black painted wood, my eyes were immediately drawn to the modern decor. Patted with a design that imitates the look of mesh, wooden shelves holding plants and terrariums are placed throughout. The dangling pentagon ceiling lights compliment the look and as do the incredibly comfortable chairs and square wooden tables.


As I was served a sparkling glass of champagne, I was excited to see what was to come next. Samples of seven dishes were served throughout the night, the first being the Sweetcorn Soup with Yarra  Valley Salmon Caviar. Served in a shot glass, the dish is not what I thought it would taste like at all; creamy, thick and delicious! Haven’t previously tasted caviar before, I was surprised to have enjoyed it.

Another crowd favourite was definitely the Ham Hock Croquette with Vintage Cheddar and Tomato Relish. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love cheese so as soon as I bite into this delicate dish, I was in heaven. Crispy on the outside and oozy on the side, the dish was 100% perfect in every way, making it difficult to critique.

Another sample I also enjoyed was the Hazelnut & Tarragon Polenta cubes with Pecarino & Wild Mushrooms. The texture of the warm polenta complimented the smokey, smashed mushrooms, resulting soft goodness unfolding in your mouth all at once.


I have always had an excessively strong sweet tooth that constantly desires dessert after dinner is complete. Luckily for me, my favourite type of sweet was being served: cheesecake. The appealing little cubes of cheesecake consisted of Gorgonzola cheese, Ginger & Quince, something different to your regular strawberry cheesecake. The sample was absolutely delectable with every mouthful; it was a wonderful combination of sweet from the ginger and savory from the strong Italian Gorgonzola.

The other samples also served included:
– Smoked Mackerel, Dill Yoghurt and Apple with braised Fennel,
– Ocean Trout Terrine, House made bread with crispy skin
– Black Pudding, Crisp Potato, Maple Bacon and Caramelised Onion


I can certainly see Hibernia Cafe being a hit with locals, students and visitors alike. Be sure to visit from Thursday the 2nd of June. Special thanks to Hibernia Cafe and Adelaide Food Central.





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