A Unique Experience at Café Ect…

Words and images by Chloe De Genarro

When you look outside and its raining, windy and gloomy, the last place you’d think to go is the beach. However, there’s a good reason to brace the cold, and that is a quirky little café named Café Ect…. Nestled between the line of stores by Brighton Beach’s coast line lies the café, if you weren’t paying attention you’d miss it. From the outside you can definitely sense the retro vibe, from the little pots of sugar and flowers in vases on every outdoor tables, to the local music posters covering the entrance windows.

What lies inside is something you wouldn’t expect. The café is decorated with all things Marilyn Monroe. The first thing you notice when you walk in the door is the large hand painted mural covering the entire left wall. Upon closer inspection, it appears customers have hand written on the wall about their experiences and love for Café Ect…, all good reviews of course! On the other wall was an array of hanging frames, all themed around Monroe and her works. Each little wooden table had its own little flower and rustic style salt and pepper shakers. The room was bustling even when we arrived at around 2pm, and customers were from all ages were dining inside. They all had the right idea, the café was incredibly cosy and warm, contrasting the weather outside.


What I noticed about the menu is that, while not being overly big and extravagant, it was all homemade items made fresh in store. The menu was even hand-written in chalk over two big black boards, one for food, and one for coffees and beverages. The items on the menu were also reasonable in price. Along the front counter was also a display of fresh cakes, rolls and other treats to purchase. They stacked their orange, red, and yellow mugs on top of the coffee machine which made for a really rustic vibe.


It wasn’t hard ordering as the menu was not overwhelming long like many other cafes. I ended up ordering the smoked salmon bruschetta, with a cappuccino. The cappuccino was exceptional, it was served in a large mug and had the perfect amount of froth on top and while it was hot, it wasn’t too hot that it couldn’t have been drunk straight away. The bruschetta did not fail either, it was so fresh and delicious. On a homemade bread roll, it was covered in the classic marinated tomatoes with hints of basil and a kick of garlic. Covering the tomato was a few layers of smoked salmon, all topped off with a dollop of sour cream and capers. While it didn’t look like a fine dining meal, the effortlessness and homely feel made it very enjoyable to eat.


It is clear to see why Café Etc.. is so popular with Adelaide locals. It is perfect for a good cuppa, a light meal, and some unique scenery.

Location: 1/71 Jetty Rd, Brighton SA 5048

Open Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 8am-4pm



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