Phonatic Media Launch


On Tuesday the 24th of May, Everything Adelaide attended the re-launch of Vietnamese restaurant Phonatic. Organised by Eventalaide, the creative name of the restaurant itself had me buzzing with excitement. Located on Hindley Street, this urban styled eatery is filled with dim lighting, murals, lanterns and a not-so-secret spot at the back.




As you enjoy a glass of red with friends, you’ll certainly ponder over the incredible Polaroid-like murals painted on the brick walls. When viewing the paintings in sequence, the murals illustrate the story of the business owner’s family origins, creating a nostalgic feeling as you begin to understand the family’s history.

Over 80 guests attended the event including Adelaide bloggers, photographers, journalists and members of the public. The evening was an absolute blast and was filled with chatter, drinks and, of course, food! An array of dishes were presented throughout the night, though we were only able to try selected dishes.

First to arrive out of the kitchen were the delicious and chunky looking cold rolls. Filled with noodles, mint and either prawn or pork, every bite tasted fresh and healthy. With a good amount of filling, I was surprised and glad the rice paper wrap didn’t break.


Unfortunately, out of the multiple dishes served, I was only able to try the miniature spring rolls soon after the cold rolls. Though the rolls seemed rather tiny, they were packed with flavour making you want more and more!

One particular dish that stood out among the rest was the ‘Fruit Salad’. Don’t be deceived by its name for this was no ordinary salad. Served in a round cup on a lettuce leaf, the dish contained mango, peach, poached grapes and small circular forms of gelatin at the bottom. Filled with possibly either coconut or almond milk, the dish was slightly odd for my taste but very satisfying!


With an excellent combination of food and family, you can feel the ora of dedication and love the family has for the work they do. When going to Phonatic you really do enter as a customer and leave as a friend.

Location: 171 Hindley Street, Adelaide


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