Bing Boy’s new menu launch


It is apparent that more people are looking for healthy alternatives when dining out or grabbing a bite to eat for lunch. Along with this, gluten free and vegan diets have skyrocketed resulting in businesses altering their menus to cater for new customer requirements. One particular food outlet that will soon be introducing a brand new menu to their is Bing Boy. Although the urban Asian food served by Bing Boy is already super nutritious with their use of fresh Australian ingredients, the new menu aims to cater for the needs of customers with dietary requirements.

Everything Adelaide was invited to attend Bing Boy’s menu launch at Westfield West Lakes by TEOmagazine and the event itself was organised by Girl About Town. Held in the middle isle of a popular western suburbs shopping center, the event was a great and different experience. Small picket fences were used and artificial grass was laid out to separate guest bloggers from busy Thursday night shoppers. While guests were waiting for the food to  be served, demonstrations of how a Bing wrap is made were taking place. Guests were even given the chance to participate!

To begin the evening, founder and managing director of Bing Boy, Ming Liang Ma, said a few words regarding what inspired the new menu. He mentioned that the key factor the business intended to incorporate was tasty, healthy foods with few processed ingredients. He also stated, “I’m particularly excited about our Bing in a Bowl range because not only are they tasty, they’re also extremely nutritious.”

Four types of delicately handmade dumplings were served first to kick things off. The varieties included (1) pork, prawns and chives, (2) chicken and prawn, (3) beef and pickled carrot and (4) zucchini and egg. Soy sauce was also available. What I particularly loved about these miniature dumplings was the crisp and crunchy bottom layer. As more dumplings were being tasted, a dumpling demonstration also took place.


Up next, the new bing samples were served in small containers. I loved the creative names given to each of the five varieties such as gangnam styling, satay bing, tofu greeting and meaty eating. My favourite of the five samples was certainly the meaty eating with smoked bacon, pork spice chili sausage, cheese, cabbage and okonomi sauce. When eaten, you’re not only given a sweet sensation from the chilli sauce but also numerous textures; the crunch from the cabbage, the smooth cheese and tender bacon work exceptionally well when combined. The satay bing with chicken, brown rice, peanuts, cucumer, pickled carrot, baby spinach and satay sauce also tasted like peanut butter, which was a delightful surprise.


Since everyone loves tea, tropical flavoured myTea was also served with hibiscus and hawthorn flowers, tropical dried fruit and fresh strawberries. Presented in a 500ml glass bottle with a cork stopper, the drink immediately caught my eye due to the vibrant pink colour. The fruit floating in the tea also made the presentation of the drink just as appealing. At first, I thought the drink would be overly sweet, but it wasn’t. It had a wonderful refreshing taste with a balanced sweetness.


Undoubtedly, the star attraction is always best served last, which in this case was the Bing in a Bowl. The dish is practically a deconstructed Bing wrap placed in a take-away bowl, convenient for those on the go. Inside the bowl contained pickled carrot, crispy wontons, cucumber, nori, beansprouts, baby spinach and lime all sitting on a bed of brown rice. Guests were also given five options to choose from including peking duck, bbq pork, satay chicken, teriyaki chicken or tofu. The deconstructed bing tasted sensational as it incorporated numerous sweet flavours and crunchy textures from the wontons and beansprouts. Although, the sauce was a tad too sweet for me and made the dish a tad difficult to complete.


I’ll admit that I had never tried Bing Boy’s healthy food range previously. Though I can now definitely say whenever I’m out looking for a quick bite to eat that’s both affordable and nutritious, Everything Adelaide will look towards Bing Boy.

Special thanks once again to TEOmagazine.


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