Royal Copenhagen Delights

Images by Carina Stathis and the Royal Copenhagen ice cream website.

Waffles or pancakes? Pancakes or crepes? Crepes or fondue? The choices seem boundless at Royal Copenhagen ice cream! Located in six different locations around South Australia, Royal Copenhagen lives up to its name by offering customers the finest ice cream and dessert creations. With over 50 ice cream flavours to choose from as well as an attractive menu, it’s no wonder Royal Copenhagen is one of our favourite dessert cafes in Adelaide.

On this occasion, Everything Adelaide headed down to Copenhagen at Henley Beach just off of Henley Square. Situated opposite the Ramsgate Hotel and other various dining restaurants, this Danish themed dessert joint welcomes customers walking by with their wide open doors and vibrant red decor. The walls are decorated with quirky characters and abstract shapes as well as small humorous quotes including ‘forget love, I’d rather fall in chocolate’. Having first opened in 1983, Copenhagen has not only become known for their delectable ice cream but also their freshly made waffle cones.

Considering this fine ice cream joint is one of our personal favourites, we have tried every waffle option on the menu besides the peanut butter and chocolate waffle. In saying that, I decided to try something different and glanced over the selection of pancakes. After pondering for possibly a solid five to seven minutes, I eventually chose to order the Berry Pancakes with White Chocolate. The dish is composed of three freshly made pancakes with berries, vanilla bean ice cream, maple syrup and melted white couverture chocolate drizzled on top. We also ordered a butterscotch finger waffle with Royal Copenhagen ice cream.

The two dishes were equally divine. The pancakes were fluffy and warm that contrasted the cold but smooth vanilla ice cream. The mixed berries also gave the dish a slight tang, though some seemed to be icy in the center which threw the dish off for me a bit. I also would’ve loved a lot more maple syrup, it’s a sin to not drench pancakes with sweet maple syrup.



Though both dishes tasted as good as they looked, they arrived at a few minutes after one another. While I don’t usually consider this to be a fatal flaw, it may annoy customers that may be on a first date or with one other person.

The price for both desserts was a very affordable $13.90. In fact, the entire menu is very decently priced in comparison to other dessert bars in Adelaide. The staff were also approachable, friendly and seemed to work well under pressure on a busy Saturday night. I only wished the cafe itself was larger to fit more seating areas.

Another unique asset that I have always loved about Copenhagen is the lemon game customers can play while waiting at the counter. The game is simple but difficult; the aim is to balance a coin on a lemon floating in a bowl of water and you succeed you win a free coffee or hot chocolate. Don’t be fooled though, it’s trickier than it sounds! As a joke to demonstrate the difficulty to my significant other, I attempted the game with a five-cent coin. Against all odds, I was overly surprised to see that the coin didn’t move after I placed it on the lemon granting me a free coffee!


Even on a busy Saturday night, Royal Copenhagen supplies delicious dessert creations and ice cream treats everyone of any age will enjoy. Be sure to also visit the several locations around SA as they all offer something unique but still the great taste of Australian dairy ice cream.

Location: 253 Seaview Road, Henley Beach
View the Royal Copenhagen website to view more locations


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