A Gathering of Beauty

Words and images by Emily Underwood
Sunday May 1st, 2016


If there is a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than making your way down rows of stalls at an exciting new market, I haven’t found it! Markets used to be hard to come by in Adelaide. Now, they are emerging all over the city, from the eclectic wares found at the Flinders Street Market, vintage vibes felt at Gilles Street and the beautiful streets of Stirling.

At the top of the list of the must-see markets is Gathered. Set in a magical disused theatre, tucked away in a tiny enclave called Playhouse Lane, it is an exquisite gathering of 70 vendors accompanied by live acoustic music and exquisite decorations.


The experience of the new Adelaide market was like stepping into a strange late 1800s time lock when I walked into the theatre. The walls were fractured: veiny cracks crept up from the floor to the ceiling. The derelict windows of the upper level were riddled with holes; perhaps surprisingly, the space was in immaculate condition.

Queen’s Theatre was abandoned decades ago as a place of proper theatrical performances, and is now used as a converted warehouse for various events such as weddings and art spaces. It has an incredibly strong essence of character that it takes your breath away!

For Gathered, fairy lights and branches adorned the ceiling, hanging low and effortlessly brightening the vibes of the venue. The spaces had been crafted to grant the chance to relax with newly purchased products, and admire the immaculately styled stalls and decorations.


Vendors cheerfully promoted their goods, ranging from handmade cosmetics of Shanghai Lil & The Scarlet Fez (my word, the scent of the soaps could be sensed from the entrance!), stunning rose gold jewellery from Blush & Co, and adorable knitwear for the little ones from Wild Willow Kids. The event buzzed with anticipation from the vendors and attendees, cheerful banter filled the air as the crowd made their way about the stalls.


Adjoining the warehouse, which held the stalls, was a unique bar, filled with food vendors selling tasty delights such as vegan cake from Belle Torte, and freshly squeezed juice from The Juice Junkies. All of these vendors had been handpicked to showcase the very best that South Australia has to offer, and they pulled it off in an incredibly stylish fashion. The visual merchandising was flawless, and the entertainment left me buzzing. Susie and Jenn, the team behind this amazing market, have set the bar for markets in South Australia.

Follow the team from Gathered at: gatheredsa
Connect on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gatheredadelaide


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  1. Wondeful pics and write up on Gathered Market , Emily Underwood . Thankyou .
    Yes, Adelaide really is coming along nicely isn’t it !


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