VIP Flower Crown Making Event by Lily West Blooms


If there’s one thing I love more than food, it’s definitely being creative. Whenever there is an opportunity to be artistic and get your hands dirty, I’m all in. In saying that, last night’s VIP Flower Crown Making event hosted by Lily West blooms was right up my ally. It was an event unlike any other Everything Adelaide has attended at this point. It was different compared to the usual opening of a new Adelaide restaurant or the launch of a new wine bar. Driving to the event at 6:30pm, I was attempting to recall if i had ever made a flower crown at all. I could only remember making one when I was fifteen, though by using fake flowers.

The night was hosted by two lovely ladies of Lily West and Elyse Williams. As we entered the small, beautifully scented workshop room, the center table was filled with jars of assorted flowers and plants. Before any flower making began, everyone was introduced with a glass of Bird in Hand wine. Delicious fruit kebabs were also served.


It was apparent that no one had any previous experience in the art of flower crown making. Though as the time slowly passed and with the help of the teachers, it was a very enjoyable and fun experience.The event aimed to promote the incredible staff and service at Lily West. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking around pressies for the one’s who do everything for us: our Mums. Instead of ordering a bouquet of flowers, why not buy her a flower crown or book her in for a crown making workshop? [Details at the Lily West website.]

By the end of the night, each attendee had successfully completed their own flower crown with ease. We were all very pleased with what we had created and could only hope the flowers last as long as possible. If it was socially acceptable to walk about the streets with a head full of flowers, you would definitely see us walking around Adelaide’s CBD.

the end result!







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