303 By The Sea

Words and images by Helena Senesi

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The newly renovated Henley Square is home to a combination of great little cafes, but if you ask me the real hidden gem is just down the road at 303 By The Sea. This petite and rustic café is located just metres away from the shore line and offers a range of brunch style foods as well as homemade sodas and juices.

Within, the interior design colour combination of blue and white resembles a modern beach house with a relaxed seashore vibe. The décor is quite different to what you would expect in a typical beach scene café with a unique shelving unit displaying books and quirky glass jars. I also specifically love the wooden look of the tabletops and the surfboard hanging on the wall, it adds to the café’s vibe of life by the seaside.


Though the menu is limited, I still struggled deciding what to order and was spoilt for choice! I finally decided to order the Eggs Benedict with braised ham hock, baby spinach and apple cider hollandaise with ciabatta. On the side, I ordered the ‘Jungle Juice’ that was made with a combination of pineapple, apple, watermelon and coconut water. Perfectly refreshing!


One reason why Eggs Benedict is a popular cooking style is the mouth-watering moment when you pierce the egg with the fork, and boy was ours cooked to perfection! The golden yolk slowly oozed out and trickled onto the crispy ciabatta bread, it was to die for! An interesting element to the dish was the inclusion of thin matchstick slices of granny smith apples that created a nice and crunchy texture to the tangy hollandaise sauce. The braised ham hock was a bit salty but was a nice element that complemented the dish very well.


The Jungle Juice had a tangy sensation to it and was very sweet. It was exactly what you would expect from a juice comprised of juicy tropical fruits. I particularly liked how it was served fresh in a nice glass jar that was the perfect serving size, any bigger and it would have been a struggle to finish!


To add to the wonderful dining experience, the staff were friendly, approachable and catered to all of our needs. The service was also relatively fast, which was quite surprising considering the high number of customers within the café at the time. The menu is reasonably priced starting from $12 and ranging to $18, well within the affordable range. In saying that, 303 is the perfect place to go for brunch or to enjoy a nice beverage with friends after a relaxing beach walk. Considering beachside businesses are often prone to change more rapidly in comparison to other locations around the city, Everything Adelaide hopes 303 By The Sea is here to stay because we definitely plan on returning soon!

Location: 303 Seaview Road, Henley Beach SA, 5022

Hours: Wed – Sun: 7:30 am – 4:00 pm


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