H & A Coffee House

Words and images by Fatema Sitabkhan 


Jetty Road has always been a popular strip in Adelaide down by the picturesque Glenelg Bay. It’s an area that tourists and locals visit to have fun family outings or relax with friends by the beach. There are a number of cafes and restaurants that are popular among the Bay crowd, but there are some that are hidden gems only waiting to be discovered. One such café that I happily stumbled upon was the H & A Coffee House, which is tucked away halfway down the popular Jetty Road. Specializing in Polish and French cuisine, I was sold on the idea and decided to give it a try!

Having missed out on the Nutella-Palooza event on Saturday (April 9th), I was dying to have my Nutella fix sorted. Like most people, however, I was looking at my regular spots to find a place that served waffles or crepes with Nutella. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything. Luckily though, H & A was advertising their special homemade crepes with bananas and Nutella! Cue in all the sheer squeal of happiness!

The staff were very hospitable and provided us with seating in their cozy, little café. The service was also excellent and prompt, just what customers want. While I waited for the crepes to arrive, I ordered a cup of English breakfast tea and was, instead, welcomed with a vintage looking tea pot and the old-school style of tea-serving. Upon the given tray sat an ornate-looking cup and a matching teapot with milk, strainer and sugar on the side. As I sipped my tea I felt rather fancy and elegant, almost like I had been transported back to old England. The café itself is adorned with a number of vintage paintings that further added to the aesthetics.


Before I knew it, the crepes arrived and my, were they a pretty sight! The #foodporn hashtag could not have been more appropriate! The crepes were hot and fresh, and as I cut into it, I was pleasantly surprised to see melted Nutella oozing out of the delectable thin layers. The banana slices were warm and sweet, which complemented the Nutella and crepes beautifully. The meal was hearty and satisfied the sweet tooth in me!


Though H & A may not be as well known compared the other surrounding cafes that have dominated the Jetty Road space, it’s definitely worth a the time and money to wander down to the small yet fulfilling café. If you’re looking for a relaxed, quiet spot to hang out and catch up with friends, certainly head to the H & A coffee house.

Location: 1/59 Jetty Rd, Glenelg SA 5045

Monday – Thursday: 8am – 6pm
Friday – Saturday: 8am – 12pm
Sunday: 8am – 7pm


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