Sugar highs and happy vibes at Nutella-Palooza!

Words and images by Olivia Henry


On Saturday the 9th of April, Everything Adelaide attended the most anticipated event of the year (well, for me anyway): NUTELLA-PALOOZA! As the name suggests, it’s a festival entirely devoted to Nutella. The description on the website says it all:

“With the help of Splash Adelaide, David and Tash (the event creators) aim to ensure the world’s first Nutella-Palooza is fun and exciting for everyone. They are volunteering their time and will not be making a profit from the event. So why do it? ‘Cos they simply want to share their love of Nutella with other fans and continue spreading the happy.”

I love this. I never thought anyone could love Nutella as much as me, but this event is what it’s all about.



Though the event began at 11am, I arrived at Bonython Park at 1pm. Immediately, I searched for the Sweet Potato Fries covered in Nutella that I saw on the event’s official Instagram account. The lines were long and the sun was blazing, but the food and the atmosphere made it all worthwhile.


Though this was a Nutella-focused event, the food trucks featured a range of foods, from sweet to savoury. Throughout the day, I got to try a few notable desserts. The Sweet Potato fries with Nutella from the Spuds Pro truck were quite odd. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the taste, but then after a few bites I could not stop eating them. Something about salt and chocolate works surprisingly well! Had this not been a Nutella event, I definitely would have tried one of their other tempting dipping sauces, such as their roasted garlic aioli or Italian truffle mayo. It all sounded amazing!




Next stop was Yo-Get-It for some Nutella FroYo. One great aspect about this stall was that there was only one item on the menu. This made the line move at a fast pace, so I didn’t have to wait long to try more Nutella sensations. The froyo had a great array of toppings – I loved how they lined the bottom of the ice cream cup with biscuit crumbs, and the fruit cut through the sweetness nicely! Unfortunately, they were out of strawberries, so I only got bananas (oh, the humanity!). Nonetheless, it was delicious.



Following the FroYo, I found the Mac by Renn stall, after a lot of searching. These guys are famous for their adorable, animal-shaped artisan macarons. I bought a 6-pack and these crunchy, chewy little critters did not disappoint.



The cooking demonstrations held throughout the day were also a strong crowd attraction and were helpful to people of varying ages. From teenagers to adults with children, the demos were fulfilling for all. From 11:30am right through to 4pm, the event featured incredible cooks and pastry chiefs including Bree May, Mim Gollan, Alex Crawford, Jessica Liebach and Sam and Rosalie from Little Cake Tin. After roaming about Bonython Park for hours on end soaking up the sun and trying to control my soaring blood sugar level, I decided to call it a day.

Like the rest of Adelaide, I look forward to the next Nutella festival. The popularity of this event almost guarantees another next year (fingers crossed!!). One thing I’d love to see in the future is even more emphasis on Nutella. I’d love to see more Nutella decorations, maybe a person in a giant Nutella jar costume (I volunteer) and little gift bags to take home. Really just milk that theme for all it’s worth! Now that the event’s success has been proven, I’m sure this will come in time.


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