Get excited for Nutella-Palooza!

If you haven’t heard the hype about Australia’s first Nutella festival happening right here in Adelaide, where have you been?! This Saturday (April 9th) at Bonython Park Adelaide will host Nutella-Palooza, a unique festival celebrating all things chocolate and, of course, Nutella! I think this is the first event ever to make our mouths water just by hearing the name.

This free one-day event will definitely be unlike any other and will bring all of Adelaide’s chocolate lovers together. Throughout the day, various activities will be held including chocolate demonstrations, taste testings, cake displays and dining stalls to chill out in. I am also personally excited to try the Nutella-inspired beer brewed by the Big Shed Brewing Co! That being said, the day is suited for children of all ages as well as parents and adults.


Who do we have to thank for this ingenious event idea? That would be the two Nutella fanatics, David and Tash. Around May 2015, the idea for Nutella-Palooza sparked one Sunday afternoon. Soon enough the idea came into action and it’s fare to say half of Adelaide cannot wait to experience it for themselves!

Beginning at 11am, the event promises to be a social, sugar-filled day sharing one another’s company and love for Nutella. If you’re still trying to work off those chocolate eggs you ate at Easter, you may as well give it up because this is not an event you can afford to miss.

See you there!



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  1. Hi I hope you have a nutella mascot in a costume handing out the children those mini nutellas with plastic is primarily a kiddies spread I was brought up on it.i hope maybe you will have the Magic monkeys? they are performers who play with drums all kids love them.what children activities do you have as my sister works for the adelaide festival centre .thanks


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