Devour Dessert Nights

Words and Images by Olivia Henry

 Devour Café Patisserie is a charming café in Richmond, usually open for breakfast and lunch. But did you know that Devour was originally a popular dessert joint on Prospect Road? On the 1st and 2nd of April, Devour opened its doors after dark once again, to allow guests to taste those desserts we remember so fondly. As a dessert enthusiast, I braved the cold on Saturday night to attend Devour’s Dessert Night. I’d never been to this new location so I was curious to see what the ‘new’ (to me) Devour looked like.

 Devour is a hipster-style café with a relaxed atmosphere and very friendly staff. The décor is interesting, with a bike mounted on one wall, and an assortment of teapots and other knick-knacks on another. As the dessert night is a special Adelaide event, Devour wasn’t taking reservations. So when I arrived with my dining partner, I was told it would be an hour wait. Unfortunately there was no set waiting area to sit down and I’d love to see them introduce that at future events. An hour is a long time to stand around! Lucky for me, my dining partner was an interesting conversationalist and the time flew by.

Upon arrival, we were given the dessert menu, and I immediately knew what to order. In the past, I had ordered chocolate donuts and been quite underwhelmed by them – possibly because the desserts around me were so interesting and I felt a little cheated ordering just donuts for myself. I was ready to give them a chance this time, since they are known to be very popular, but I heard someone say not to order them as they left the café. Might be a dish exclusively for donut enthusiasts? Anyway, I knew the Deconstructed Lemon Meringue Pie was a crowd favourite when I last visited Devour. I had never had one myself so I felt like this was a no-brainer, and I was not disappointed.

 The Lemon Meringue Pie was the perfect serving size. The dessert featured a sour lemon curd mousse, surrounded by pistachio crumble, torched meringues, lemon marshmallow and lemon gel. The different degrees of lemon flavouring cut through the sweetness of the marshmallow perfectly. I love desserts with lots of texture, and this dessert achieved various textures wonderfully; the marshmallow was chewy but soft, the pistachio crumble was delightfully crunchy and the meringues were like little foamy clouds of happiness. Underneath the lemon mousse, there was a little white chocolate surprise. This was refreshing to finish up the mousse, as it became a little too tangy once I started to run out of the other elements. Overall, this was a well-balanced dish and it’s easy to see why this was on the favourites menu!


 As for drinks, I ordered the Malteasers Shake, which is basically chocolate milkshake with malt. Devour shakes are served ice cold, which is surprisingly uncommon at modern cafes. I love cold milkshakes and I think you’ll find (now that I’ve told you) that the temperature makes a huge difference to the quality of the milkshake. The Malteasers shake was refreshing and enjoyable and I was delighted to find a few malteasers at the bottom of my shake once it was finished. A nice touch! I should note that it did become a little much after a while, most likely due to my excessive intake of sugar. I would recommend ordering milkshakes with savoury dishes, rather than with a rich dessert like I ambitiously attempted.


Overall, the dining experience was lovely and the staff were super friendly and welcoming. It’s a shame we can’t get the desserts more often, but then I suppose that’s what makes them so special! After my experience (and eyeing the lunch menu on the wall), I’ll definitely come back during the day for breakfast or lunch.

Location: 52 Davenport Terrace, Richmond

Open Hours:
Mon – Fri 7am-4pm
Sat – Sun 8am-2pm


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