Club 5082 Promoting Young Talent

Words by Jay Garland
Images by Nathan Sivewright Photography


Times are tough if you’re a small town performer or musician trying to crack into the music industry. Thankfully though, Adelaide’s Prospect Town Hall has started a new project with the simple aim to promote Adelaide music of all kinds. The hall’s friendly, creative and determined staff have created a platform for local musicians to showcase their music, style and talent.

 Up and coming performers are now given the excellent opportunity to play live gigs with great benefits under the name of Club 5082. Not only are local bands able to perform at the hall with state of the art equipment, their music is also audio recorded and a song of their choice can be video recorded if they wish to do so.

 The Club’s theme alternates every Friday night and covers various music styles. Recently, the Alternative Rock night hosted local bands including Samsara, They Set Fire, Somnium and Acres Ahead. Samsara’s drummer described the event as ‘giving bands a great opportunity to feel like they’re a big band with a proper set up and stage.’


 Aspiring videographers and sound technicians also have a chance to work with the bands and equipment. A team of producers work together to record the band and their sound to produce audio and video clips, which is important practice for those wanting to get into the field and pursue their passion.

Club 5082’s dedicated promoter and organiser, Dil Simmons, is currently organising several upcoming events for the organisation, some include Acoustic, Aussie Hip Hop and Psychedelic. The determined promoter has a die-hard passion for music and believes that there is a plethora of talent in Adelaide that is yet to be recognised. Though Adelaide’s music scene is often recognised as “second best” compared to neighbouring states Melbourne and Sydney, it’s incredibly enlightening to see people in the industry, like Dil, reaching out to assist the City of Church’s underground music division.


 When asked what he loves most about his job, Dil said ‘I love the culture that is present within the 5082 community. I love being able to connect with other bands and network with other people within the local music industry.’

 Not only has the night been set up to support and work with local Adelaide talent but the event has a distinct vibe like no other. The people are friendly, the location is perfect and it personally reminds me of a Jack Black ‘School of Rock’ battle of the bands scene due to the amount of energy and excitement in the room. So, ‘God of Rock, thank you for this chance to kick ass.’


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