An Easter treat at Steven ter Horst Chocolatier

Words and images by Raelene Thomas


Adelaide’s Rundle Street offers a great variety of café joints and restaurants each with a unique style and taste. Among them is the Steven ter Horst Chocolatier, a friendly little café veiled by a wall of glass that invites passing patrons to enter. Named after the man himself, Steven is warm, welcoming and always ready to make recommendations to new customers. Come with your friends, family or even someone you’re getting to know for the first time because this is the perfect place for small gatherings! Indulge in the chocolates, various sweets, coffees, house made sodas, iced teas and fresh iced drinks.


The menu offers a vegan friendly option using coconut and soy milk as an alternative. After numerous visits, I enjoyed the Strawberry Iced Tea infused with ginger, green tea and fresh mint the most for its refreshing taste. The beverage is the best choice for drinking on hot summers days, though you must remind yourself not to drink it too fast!

The coffees are made very well that sugar isn’t required unless you enjoy an extra sweet sensation. It’s a tendency of mine to order a mocha at every new cafe, since it’s the one drink you can never go wrong with (to a tolerable extent). But I have enjoyed most of the coffees at Steven ter horst and never needed to scoop even a tiny bit of sugar into my cup.

The assorted cakes are delicately made and appeal with an incredible taste. As a fellow chocolate-lover, I ordered the Salted Caramel Tart. Though the serves seem rather small, one is more than enough. Packed with a chocolate filled centre and a surrounding crust, it was most enjoyable with a slightly bitter coffee to balance the amazing flavour.


Steven’s original brand of chocolates are sold in its own packaging with delectable designs in blocks, tablets, bars and other forms. Gift boxes with an assortment of chocolates can be the perfect gift for any occasion, especially for someone you know with a deep love for sweets.




Location: 256 Rundle Street, East End, Adelaide, SA


Open hours:
Weekdays 10am – 11pm
Friday & Statuday 10am – 12pm
Sunday 12pm to 11pm

*Public holiday hours differ



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