VIP Cocktail Launch


Last night Everything Adelaide along with many other Adelaide bloggers attended a VIP media launch at Ambra Liqueurs. Located at Thebarton, Ambra is a small Adelaide business that’s run and organised by a small team of only three people. The business began over 80 years ago by Libero De Luca and continues its initial aim to produce high quality natural made beverages for people to enjoy.

The pleasant evening was filled with laughter, friendly faces and, of course, cocktails! At the start of the night we were given an exclusive behind the scene tour of the company’s facilities and the process of cocktail making. Nando Focareta, one of Ambra’s owners, also gave a short speech about the six cocktails that will be served to taste.

Of the six varying beverages tired, my top two favourite definitely had to be the Ambra Limoncello, Gin, and Tonic and the Ambra Espresso Martini with Ambra Cappuccino, Vodka and Little Drippa Espresso.

For someone who doesn’t usually prefer to drink gin and tonic, the Ambra Limoncello was delightfully refreshing and tangy. It was the perfect drink after a long day of working. Later in the evening the Ambra Linomcello Tiramisu was also served based on the cocktail, which I also loved!



Another pleasure hit was the Espresso Martini. Though the cocktail was served in small disposable cups, the drink tasted incredible and is every coffee addicts dream. Milk based cocktails can either be a hit or a miss but this one was certainly a favourite! The beverage had a strong hit of coffee and the you could barely notice the alcohol content.


Everything Adelaide highly recommends Ambra Liqueurs for your next cocktail party or special function. Their business, cocktails and service is outstanding and needs to be appreciated. Thankyou Ambra for a lovely event and evening.

Cocktails served:

  1. Ambra Limoncello, Gin, and Tonic
  2. Ambra Agrumello Cooler with blood orange sparkling juice
  3. Ambra Amaretto Sour
  4. Ambra Crema Di Limoncello with ice
  5. Ambra Chocolate Orange with Ambra Chocolatino, milk, vanilla and cream.
  6. Ambra Espresso Martini with Ambra Cappuccino, Vodka and Little Drippa Espresso

Special thanks again to The Adelaide Set and Adelaide Food Central

Location: 43 Phillips St, Thebarton


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