A healthy alternative at The Annex cafe

Words and images by Fatema Sitabkhan


Whenever people venture to Glenelg, they usually grab a bite to eat from the wonderful selection of cafes and restaurants on the main strip that is Jetty Road. That being said, it’s always great stumbling upon new places to eat such as The Annex Café – a quaint looking café that hides on Waterloo Street just off of Jetty Road.

What really attracted me to try out a new and fairly different spot like Annex was the fact that their menu offered healthy meals within an affordable price range. Compared to most other places down at The Bay that tend to cost an arm and a leg, it was a nice change choosing what to eat based on food preference rather than price preference.

At Annex, there are three options of seating: the outdoor, indoor and secluded indoor seating area. All offer a different interactive space based on group numbers and atmosphere of choice. The private seating area, in particular, is perfect for couples and/or friends to have a more intimate and enjoyable experience away from the fleeting crowd that Annex tends to attract at peak lunch hours. There are also a number of rustic, homely items that are beautifully scattered across the café, which gives the café a nice nostalgic feel.

For drinks, I ordered the Morning Sunshine with almond milk, banana, honey and organic vanilla. This drink was incredibly light and fluffy and had a beautiful blend of the banana and honey flavours. It’s a very refreshing drink that can be used as a healthier (and better) alternative to your caffeine fix.

For dessert, I ordered the Raweo, which was the weekly dessert choice for the week. It had a crunchy outer layer that tasted divine with the smooth, peanut-buttery layer underneath.


The price range for this place is very affordable and definitely worth the value. If you’re looking for a relatively quiet location that serves some seriously fresh, healthy-tasting food and drinks, than look no further than the beautiful little café that is Annex!


Location: 3 Waterloo St, Glenelg 





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