The Beards – farewell tour

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan
Images by Fatema Sitabkhan and Rip It Up

the-beards-the-beard-album (Courtesy- Rip It Up)

The Beards is a band that was formed in our own little town of Adelaide in 2005 by four local bearded boys. They have traveled all over the world from the UK to Germany, Sweden and Alaska performing songs of the comedy folk genre. Professing their love for both music and beards, the band have successfully created entertaining music for all to enjoy and have even performed at the World Beard and Moustache Championships’ opening ceremony, as you do!

Previously, the band has also performed at large Australian music festivals including Falls Festival and Big Day Out, where they definitely pleased the crowd with their music as much as they did with their majestic facial hair. The Beards were also honoured by placing at #99 in the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown in 2011. Considering how most of their…no, all of their songs across 5 albums are central around one single topic – beards – these guys have done pretty damn well! Not to mention, they’ve also nailed the perfect, bearded look with their versatility and style!

After 10 glorious years of providing people with their musical appreciation of facial hair, The Beards are now taking a bow and hanging their bearded capes, but not before running a year-long rave of farewell concerts that are going to be held all across Australia. I was fortunate enough to have attended one of the first events at Houghtonfest, which is part of the Beards’ Farewell Tour 2016. I wasn’t sure what to expect, because I’ve only just recently discovered the beauty that is this band. Oh man, little did I know that I’d be in for a treat!


Band members Johann Beardraven, Nathaniel Beard, Facey McStubblington and John Beardman Jr. (it’s like they were born to come together and be a part of this band, right?!) are the epitome of performers who are able to own any stage, once they’re given a microphone and/or are in the company of one another. And, of course, the star of this 4-person ensemble has to be the bearded keytar – and what’s even better is when it keeps making an appearance throughout the show!

The guys have a bromance that will definitely make your hearts melt. You can feel their passion of entertaining as they always ensure those who listen to their music are appreciated for the support they give. If you do decide to brave the crowd and stand as close to the stage, who knows, you might get a delightful, bearded hug from the band members themselves!

While most of their shows in Adelaide are now sold out, there’s still time to grab some tickets and treat yo’self to support your local band – The Beards – and marvel the many reasons why beards are awesome! While the band may have not started out with the idea of beginning a Beard Revolution, it’s safe to say that people with beards do get a lot more love! If you haven’t already, head on over to their official Youtube channel ( and prepare to have your life changed for the better!

The Beards are playing up to October 28 – book tickets NOW or you might miss out:


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