Raw + More

There seems to be an endless stream of cafes hitting the Adelaide suburbs more than ever before, and we’re not complaining! It’s great having the convenience of being a short drive or even a brisk walk away from a variety of local cafes. In my area of the western suburbs, two new breakfast and lunch bars have opened for business in the last seven months, one of which being Raw & More.

What once used to be the favourite Richard’s Bakery is now a well furnished joint that looks onto Grange Road. Along with Cibo Locale, Raw and More is a nourishing cafe that promotes healthy eating and great food. It invites passers by to enjoy a quick coffee or stay for a small meal. The meals and sweet treats themselves are decently priced ranging from $8.00 for a standard bowl of muesli to $9.80 for a large salad. Considering the cafe is health based, you’re guaranteed to receive both a nutritious and filling meal for either breakfast or lunch.

Looking at the menu, I was finding it hard to settle on just one option. I decided to order the Fruity Bircher Muesli with sliced pears, dried cherries and coconut yogurt. The difference between a bircher muesli and a regular muesli is that the bircher is a lot more moist rather than dry. As a whole, the dish was small but filling and had a nice variety of textures. My new obsession is definitely coconut yogurt as it was creamy, refreshing and goes perfectly with the muesli, as yogurt does! The fruit on top also gave it an extra fresh kick with only a slight touch of sweetness.


Apart from the selection of muesli and salads, Raw & More also offer various cakes that are all made with rich health ingredients. Some of the delectable flavours include choc chai, raspberry and hazelnut. They also offer freshly made smoothies and juices.


Since our last visit a few months ago, we noticed a few things have altered. For one, the menu presentation has changed from a small wooden clipboards to a small double sided sheet of paper. Personally, I preferred the clipboard design as each customer could receive a menu each, which was more convenient. I also think the price has jumped one or two dollars for the same meals.

Nevertheless, Raw & More is still a lovely corner cafe to catch up with friends or fuel up after a workout. It’s at a convenient location and the staff are very friendly. Whether you’re vegan, gluten free or simply enjoy eating healthy, Raw & More is the place for you.


Location: 247-249C Grange Rd, Findon SA 5023

Open hours:
Weekdays: 8am – 4pm
Saturdays: 8am – 4pm
Sundays: Closed


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