Introducing EVO

This one’s for all you beauty and manicure lovers out there. Whether you prefer to wear a slick shade of nude, an eye-popping hot pink or anything in between, you’ll be sure to love Australia’s latest product EVO.

Everything Adelaide was one of the first in South Australia to try the new product and see for ourselves how it differs from others. One significant factor we love about EVO is that it collaborates safety with beauty. It has been specifically designed to mimic the natural process of moisture movement to develop healthy nail growth, which is great! Its world first medical formulation containing the highest quality non-toxic ingredients helps prevent dehydration, softens the keratin (a protein that forms nails and hair) and assists in protecting the natural nail from damage. That being said, EVO is ideal for clients who desire long lasting, beautiful nails but are sick of the damage it often leaves. Unlike other brands and nail products, EVO is also 100% vegan, 100% chemical and primer free, 100% animal cruelty free and is infused with Vitamins A and E.


Another unique factor about this product that we liked is the creative naming of their range of colours. Rather than simply naming the colour its actual name, such as fuchsia or turquoise, the colours are referred to girl names. Some of these include Isabelle (red), Anastasia (light grey) and Carmen (lilac) . During the manicure or pedicure, the colour cures under an LED light for 30 seconds each layer and is topped with either a shiny gloss coat or a solid matte finish. Not only does the product avoid damaging the nail but also lasts around 2-3 weeks, all in all amazing.


EVO collection
Screen shot 2016-02-26 at 3.38.29 PM
‘Anastasia’ with a matte finish

EVO will be launched on the 5th and 6th of March at the Melbourne expo and will be available to purchase nationwide from this date.

There is only one Bio Sculpture Gel business in every state and what makes Adelaide’s even luckier is that it combines two organisations in one: Bio Sculpture Gel and The Doll House anti aging clinic. This is very convenient as Adelaide clients are able to have manicures, pedicures, body treatments, tanning waxing and so much more all in the one location! The Doll House specifically focuses on anti ageing treatments including the HydraFacial (American) and Omnilux light therapy. They are also a Napoleon Perdis cosmetics salon.

For more information about EVO please contact Annaliese at the Bio Sculpture South Australia.

Contact: Bio Sculpture Gel Head Office – 8267 3705
Email – /

Where: 106 Ward St, North Adelaide SA 5006
Bio Sculpture Gel & Doll House




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