Adl Fringe – Weekly Award Winners

The Adelaide Fringe has kicked off with a flying start this year. With thousands of attendees going to shows and record breaking sales taking place only one week into the Fringe, it’s no wonder this time of year is seen to be the craziest (but the best).

Earlier today the Fringe announced their first week of award winners who will all go in the running to win the final Fringe Awards on closing night.

Best Cabaret:
Michael Griffiths – Cole

Best Children’s Event:
Captain Fun Pants and The Mystery of The Funomatic Fun Wand
The Road That Wasn’t There

Best Circus & Physical Theatre:
All Genius All Idiot

Best Comedy:
Greg Fleet – These Things Happen

Best Dance:

Best Music:
California Crooners Club with Hugh Sheridan
Old Tech New Decks (High Commendation)

Best Theatre:
Echoes by Henry Naylor (High Commendation)
Penny Arcade: Longing Lasts Longer (High Commendation)

Best Visual Art & Design:
Play Full

Best Magic:
Charlie Caper & Malin Nilsson – Minor Miracles

Best Interactive:
Esacape Room Treasure Hunt – The Alchemist’s Lab

Best Film & Digital:

Best Event:
An Evening with Annabel Crabb
Fat Tuesday (High Commendation)
Little Rundle Street Street Party

Emerging Artist Award:
Alice Tovey: Malice
Total Nonstop Tricks

Weekly BankSA pick of the Fringe Award:
Echoes by Henry Naylor

For more information about shows and tickets head to



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