Come take a walk on the wild side – Adelaide Fringe Parade 2016

If there is any time to be in Adelaide, it would be over the Fringe and Mad March season. Like thousands of other Adelaide locals, I absolutely love this time of year. The theme of this year’s Fringe festival is ‘come take a walk on the wild side’, which invites you to experience all the weird and wonderful things the Fringe has to offer.

Last night the Fringe Parade kicked off at the traditional time of 8:30pm but took an alternate route down North Terrace instead of King William Street. Also for the first time in Fringe history, the parade was held on a Saturday night instead of the Friday night opening. Despite these small changes, it’s anticipated that this year’s Fringe season is going to be the biggest and best one yet. Around 70,000 people were expected to fill the terrace, which is 20,000 more compared to last year’s estimated audience total.

As always, the night parade was a colourful and glamorous spectacular that featured more than 80 floats and 1500 artists! The vibe was electric but also quite relaxed. The parade’s use of fire and confetti also pleased audience members well. Australian actor Hugh Sheridan even made an appearance on the BankSA float. He will make his debut Fringe performance in California Crooners Club as part of this year’s Cabaret festival. Simply by looking around you can see how much work goes into delivering the greatest festival in the southern hemisphere.

Adelaide Fringe. You have to see it to believe it.



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