Cliche’ Exhibition VIP Menu Launch

‘The world is a cliche’, believe everything you see’.

Last night Everything Adelaide attended the VIP menu launch of the Cliche’ Exhibition at North Adelaide. Taking on the use and definition of the word ‘Cliche”, this lively exhibition blurs the lines between gallery, restaurant and bar and offers an insight into the world of French cuisine.

The decor of choice presents a somewhat mysterious style with black walls and dark furniture. Although, the lit artworks painted directly on the walls add a wonderful contrast and are attractive to the eye. The art exhibition itself features 24 local artists, all very unique and quirky in their own ways. The artworks also have some sort of French aspect to suit the restaurant. Our personal favourite was the French bulldog wearing a red buret.


Whenever you think of French cuisine, your instant thoughts are small proportions of delicate and well prepared food. I haven’t been to many French inspired restaurants previously, so I knew this was going to be a noteworthy experience.

For entree, we were served three very fine dishes including the Cubique De L’Agneau (lamb shank with sugar snap peas on a potato puree), Porc Me (crispy pork belly, caramalised nahm jim with peanut and crispy shalot) and Safran Ca’ (marinated fish goujans with coconut saffron dill sauce). Both the lamb and pork belly were very tender and had the perfect crackle to the crust. I also especially enjoyed the coconut and saffron dill sauce with the fish. It was smooth, creamy and the saffron wasn’t too overpowering. To keep the dish exciting and new, the breed of fish changes every night. Last night the fish of choice was barramundi, one of my favourites. All three entrees were consistent in quality and were very well presented, as French cuisine is.

Porc Me
Cubique De L’Agneau



The main dishes arrived soon after entrees were completed. Four types of dishes were served off the main menu including the Ngon Porc (marinated porc with thyme, shredded cabbage, Vietnamese mint, dijon mustard sauce and noodle salad), the Cheeky Beef (slow braised beef with brun onlion aioli, saffron eschalot and crispy kale, the Cai Bap Crevette (prawn cabbage roll with tomato and coconut bisque) and the Bardot’s Rump (300g lamb rump on a white bean salad, carrot puree and sauteed silverbeet with lamb jus).

The prawns wrapped in cabbage was certainly a different way of eating shellfish, and was also a dish I enjoyed. As with the barramundi entree, the coconut sauce worked well and seemed to with seafood in general, which I found quite odd.

A definite hit was the Cheeky Beef. The texture and taste was divine and the meat itself was braised beautifully. You could easily tell it had been slowly cooked as it was very soft and not chewy. The crispy kale also added a nice crunch to the dish.


Though dessert didn’t arrive at our tables as quickly as entree and main, they were certainly worth the short wait. Three dessert dishes were served and everyone seemed to enjoy them all.

My personal favourite was the chocolate mousse layer cake with raspberry jelly, dark chocolate ganache, berry compote and raspberry sorbet. Though the cake seemed dark and rich, it was quite light and creamy. The bitter dark chocolate is present but not overpowering and compliments the sweet berry sorbet.

On the other hand, the lemon curd souffle’ was barely lemon and more eggy. The fluffy texture was good but the egg threw me off. Although, it is possible that our shared souffle’ was the odd one of the bunch as others at the table seemed to like it.

The final dessert of the evening was a Vacherin with passion fruit meringue, raspberry sorbet, salted caramel ice-cream and crumble. It was a lovely little dessert that incorporated both crunchy and creamy elements from the sorbet and crumble. It was also topped with candy fairy floss that everyone couldn’t get enough of.


I can easily say that this event was easily the best so far for 2016. The food was outstanding, the service was great and I am in love with the artistic style. Adding to the creative vibe of the exhibition, another great asset to the restaurant is the railing along the back wall that imitates Paris’ love lock bridge. Thanks again to The Adelaide Set and Adelaide Food Central for the personally designed invites that are now forever locked at Cliche’ (well, hopefully).

love lock invitations


Location: 26 O’Connell St, North Adelaide

Open Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday: 6pm – late

Phone: (08) 8267 4083


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