East of Norman media launch

Since Adelaide has a wonderful variety of places to dine in the city, it’s important for up and coming restaurants to be as unique as possible in order to stand out. After opening late last year, the latest attraction to hit Sturt Street is pizza bar East of Norman. Upon entering, the restaurant feels very welcoming with their door-sized glass windows, attractive shelf of bottled beverages and possibly endless bar. It’s a cool little nook that allows the outside scenery to be brought in by the clear glass windows that run along the entrance and side edge of the location. This open feel and natural lighting also compliments the dark coloured walls and timber furniture. The menu is just as attractive offering a great selection breakfast dishes, tapas and pizza as well as a small variety of desserts. The friendly staff are also inviting, friendly and attend to your dining needs to make your experience a positive one.


Throughout the night we were offered some of the dishes off the ‘small plates’ menu as well as seven of the eleven pizzas. Around 25 Adelaide bloggers and contributors attended the event, which often make it difficult to share the amount of food provided. Nevertheless, it was a very social experience.

Two of the four ‘small plates’ were tasted by Everything Adelaide including the carpaccio of venison and emu with cumquat and the kangaroo tataki served with enoki, mushrooms, warrigal, greens and aioli. For me, the emu wasn’t my personal favourite dish as I found it had an odd combination of sweet from the cumquat and savory from the meat.


On the other hand, the kangaroo tasted sensational and was an instant favourite. It was tender, juicy and had the perfect amount of seasoning. The greens and long stemmed mushrooms added freshness to the dish and also made it pop on the plate.


Undoubtedly, the main attraction of the evening was the selection of pizzas. Since East of Norman was featured in the Yelp + Mlkman collaboration event late last week, I knew I wasn’t going to go home hungry. All the pizza bases had a lovely fluffiness to them with a slight crunch on the crust and various mouthwatering toppings.

There’s nothing better than stringy cheese when you slice or bite into a pizza, so the mozarella, provelone, parmesan and ricotta was my personal favourite. The only pizza that didn’t tickle my tastebuds as much in comparison to the others was the pumpkin, blue cheese and caramelised onion, not my preferred combination. It’s also said that the restaurant plans to extend their dinner menu in the near future to come, definitely something to go back and check out!

Though the pizzas were tasty, myself and a few other guests agreed that they are slightly above the average price. The most expensive pizza was the salami, anchovy and capsicum at $23 while the cheapest was a standard margherita at $15.



Last but certainly never least was the dessert. Like many others, I have a really strong sweet tooth and always hope for something delightful when dessert time arrives! Three of the four desserts were served, all being around the same size and shared a common factor of light and delicious. Of the three the leading hit would have to be a toss up between the vanilla creme brulee or the potted chai panna cotta. Considering these two dishes are both cream based it makes choosing difficult. Regardless, both are definite winners.

Below image from left:
Vanilla bean creme brulee, caramelised white chocolate soul and macadamia icecream.
Torched housemade marshmallow, meringue crumble and summer berries.
Potted chai panna cotta, shaved chocolate and shortbread.


Everything Adelaide along with the other guests that attended were pleased with the service provided and the delicious food served. In fact, the following morning after the event I wanted to return to East of Norman to check out their breakfast menu.

Special thanks to Adelaide Food Central for the invite and TEO magazine.

Location: 38 Sturt St, Adelaide


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