What do you get when Yelp Adelaide and The Mlkman Co. join forces and host a delightful event together? You get FactorEatory! The event aimed to showcase restaurant quality food that can now be delivered to your door with the new Mlkman app!

Yelp is a international crowd-sourcing organisation that loves to support and review small businesses and their projects. In this case, the business was Mlkman. Inspired by the good old days when milkmen used to deliver goods to your doorstep, Mlkman is a premium delivery service that transport great meals to your home.

On Friday the 29th of January, around 40 Adelaide bloggers and media entrepreneurs attended the Yelp + Mlkman event including 10 Yelp Elites. Everything Adelaide was lucky enough to be invited by TEOmagazine to experience our very first Yelp event!


Attendees enjoyed a four course meal supplied by various Adelaide restaurants as well as award winning wines from McLaren Vale III Associates. Four types of wines were on offer to try including the Four Score Grenache, Backbone GSM, Sauvage Sauvignon Blanc and Squid Ink Shiraz. Beer from Hawkers Brewery was also served, so everyone was quite chuffed about the complimentary drinks.

Another drink that raised curiosity among guests were the shot sized bottles filled with an unknown beverage. With the Alice in Wonderland style invitation of ‘Drink Me!’ stamped on every bottle, we couldn’t wait to try it. The drink was strong and tasted of orange and possibly rum. We later learnt that the drink was the cocktail Negroni, which is a combination of gin,Β vermouth rosso andΒ Campari topped with orange peel.


For entree we had a small slider from Burger Republic with a handful of well salted chips that were crisp to the edge. Though the burger was small, it packed a mouthful of flavour! It balanced the perfect combination of sweet tang from the pickles and mustard and saltiness from the beef patty.

Entree is served! How amazing does the table look?

For main, guests were served two slices of pizza from East of Norman and arancini balls from Tony Tomatoes. Pizza with different toppings seemed to be alternating between guests. Unfortunately I got the unlucky stroke and received one slice with anchovies, which is not my personal favourite. Despite this, however, the other piece of pizza had a good amount of cheese and salami with a soft bread base.

Without a doubt, the crowd pleaser were the large arancini balls. They were the perfect size and density: soft and gooey in the center with a crisp outside layer. You could easily have more than one and not get sick of them.

Dinner is served

Last but certainly not least was the dessert supplied by our personal favourite icecreamery, St. Louis. There’s nothing more homey than ice cream in a bowl, which is exactly what was served for dessert – and no one was complaining. Though the name was not mentioned, the flavour was a mixture between vanilla bean, caramel and white chocolate. The texture was rippled but smooth and creamy, exactly how icecream should be. Even before guests finished their bowl, Anita, Yelp’s community manager, was offering a round of seconds.

All in all, the evening was a huge success and demonstrated the type of food you could be receiving at your door with the new Mlkman app. The food was delicious, the drinks kept coming and we loved the decorative Alice in Wonderland theme. Everything Adelaide is certainly looking forward to the next Yelp event.






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