Burganomix has your burger cravings sorted!

You can never go wrong with a tasty gourmet burger and, thankfully, Adelaide has an array burger joints to choose from. Though Nordburger, Grill’d and Chuck Wagon are a few personal favourites of ours, they all better rise their game because there is some new competition in town.

Introducing Burganomix! The latest edition to hit Glenelg just opposite Moseley Square is perfect for watching the sun set while dining out. With the menu offering a variety of beef, chicken, lamb, pork, veggie and seafood burgers, you won’t leave disappointed. Gluten free or wholemeal buns are additional options available to customise your burger further, which we were very pleased with.

The style seemed to be rustic and vintage with glossed wooden tables and different coloured chairs. The service was outstanding as the waitresses were always double checking if customers had their orders taken or if they needed any other assistance throughout the evening.

For starters, we had smokey BBQ chicken wings and sweet potato wedges, which were presented in regular sized take-away boxes. The chicken wings were a definite favourite. They were tasty, well seasoned and had us licking our lips for more. The sweet potato wedges were just as pleasing. They were long, crispy and tasted even better with the dipping sauce provided.


As for the star attractions, the burgers arrived around fifteen minutes after being ordered, a very reasonable time frame, and looked absolutely mouthwatering.

A few crowd pleasers were the Tweety chicken burger, the Nemo seafood burger and the Tex Mex. Another favourite was the Fog Horn chicken burger with avocado, spanish onion, chipotle pepper sauce, swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce and cucumber. It was also served with curly wedges also known as sidewinders. As hoped, the bun was crispy and the patty was moist. The cool cucumber, tomato and avocado also added freshness. A huge winner.


Despite the fact that gluten free bread and buns don’t keep you as full for longer periods of time, the gluten free burgers were incredibly filling. Whether you eat gluten free for medical reasons or by choice, it’s pleasing to know that another Adelaide restaurant offers gluten free. The image below is a gluten free Mosely burger with standard fillings including tomato, lettuce and mustard as well as avocado. Not only was I highly satisfied with the tastiness of the burger and sweet avo, but also the light bun itself.

Gluten free Mosely burger with sweet potato wedges


To keep this short and sweet, Everything Adelaide will most definitely be back for more. Next time you head down to Jetty Road at Glenelg, why not stop at Burganomix for a burger fix? You won’t be disappointed.

Burganomix menu



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