The Adelaide Set Festival

The last few days before Christmas are usually quite frantic for most people. Although, earlier this week on Wednesday at The Adelaide Set Festival media launch, the vibe was the exact opposite.

Everything Adelaide was invited by Adelaide Food Central and The Adelaide Set to attend the event and suss out how everything turned out. Complementary food and drinks were also provided.

The Adelaide Set is one of Adelaide’s newest freelance organisations created for and by the youth of SA. The day-long festival at Lucky’s Beach Club, the latest extension to The Maid Hotel at Magill, was organised with the aim of promoting Adelaide’s young and upcoming performers, musicians, DJ’s and artists. Claudia Migliaccio from this year’s series of The Voice also performed. Other stalls from local businesses were also provided selling floral headpieces and henna prints.

The vibe was very chilled and social from the relaxing beach theme, but also uplifting and static from the music and sound of laughter. Some guests, including myself, also made the wrong shoe choice of wearing heels, which most eventually took off.

fun, friends and cocktails

The whole evening was buzzing and more people arrived as the night grew on. Drinks were being made, food was being served, Adelaide musicians were performing, it was certainly an enjoyable night.

Though the event itself was a success, the service could have been improved slightly. There seemed to be a miscommunication between hosts and the venue, leading to a confusion among guests and staff members. Nevertheless, the food and drinks provided were still enjoyed.

First to arrive were two cocktails, one being anΒ Aeporol Spritz and the other a Passionfruit Caprioska.

Cocktails! The Aeporal Spritz and the Passionfruit Caprioska

Though the Aeporol Spritz cocktail looked appealing in colour, it wasn’t as strong as expected. Some guests also found that the drink tasted better when stirred first before tasting.

On the other hand, the Passionfruit Caprioska was definitely a crowd pleaser. Similarly to the Spritz, the drink wasn’t strong but was sweet, refreshing and kept everyone cool on the warm summer evening of 35Β°C. The citrus also suited the beach theme well adding a Hawaiian tropical effect and making it seem like you were actually at the beach.

As for the food, we started off with a slow cooked BBQ pork belly on kimchi with crispy onions, spring onions and chilli. Served on a tablespoon, the presentation was appealing but the chilli was a bit too overpowering for some.

Next was scallops on cucumber with sticky coconut rice topped with wakame and seseme-infused seaweed. It was incredible how much could be placed on top of a small slice of cucumber.

The final food that was served was heavily salted and pepper squid served in a takeaway wok-box with and aΒ  side dip but could be enjoyed without.

All in all, regardless of the slight mishap with the service, the festival was a great success. It is hoped that The Adelaide Set organise another social event soon!


Location: 1 Magill Road


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