Deck the Mall

Christmas is only one week away and to get into the festive spirit community radio station 107.9 Lifefm decked the mall all day today with Christmas cheer! The live broadcast ran from 6am to 9pm with the Lifefm crew and their helpful volunteers. The broadcast was situated towards the east end of Rundle Mall in front of Dymocks and Novo shoes but was also placed inside the Dymocks bookstore due to the hot temperature of 42Β°c. The station invited a few guests to come along during the day and spread the joy by distributing giveaways to passers by. Myself, Bec and newest Takeover member Liam were on the air from 10am to 1pm and interviewed all the guests as well as numerous Adelaide shoppers. Movie tickets and selected albums including Ed Sheeran’s ‘Multiply’ and Conrad Sewell’s debut album ‘All I Know’ were given out.

Liam (right), Bec (centre) and myself broadcasting inside Dymocks bookstore down Rundle Mall today

Adelaide’s professional baseball team Adelaide Bite and their bite cheerleaders were one of the guests invited by the station to spread the joy in the mall. The team gave out free keyrings, posters and tickets to one of their games over the weekend against Perth. The team will play a total of four games this weekend.

Player Kyle and manager Steve were also kind enough to chat to myself and Liam about their hometowns in the United States, the players training sessions and what it takes to be a professional baseball player.

Two of the bite cheerleaders, Lauren and Ruby, also gave us an insight to the world of cheerleading. Both girls have been involved with cheerleading for around five years but the bite squad have only been together for six months. They also outlined how cheerleading is a sport and is not considered to be dancing.

‘We are proper cheerleaders who do stunts and flips, not dancers who run around the sidelines of a game,’ said Ruby. As a way of showing me the difference between a dancer and a cheerleader, one of the girls asked me if I wanted to be involved in a stunt. Feeling excited and slightly scared, I said yes. Before I knew it I was being lifted two meters in air with clenched fists pointing towards the sky in front of the whole Lifefm team, the volunteers, baseball players, Dymocks store and strangers passing by. It was certainly an exhilarating experience! [photo below]

The final guest for the hour was The Voice contestant Rachael Leahcar. She discussed everything she’s accomplished since her life changing experience on The Voice back in 2012 including traveling overseas and performing in America. Rachael also revealed that she has been working tirelessly on her latest album and will be holding her own concerts with the Adelaide Fringe Festival in February.

Myself, Rachael Leahcar and Liam down Rundle Mall


All in all, the day was an absolute blast despite the hot weather. It was definitely a great way to end a wonderful year with Lifefm. Tune in tonight for The Takeover and you may be able to win yourself an iPad mini!


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