Cibo Locale

Without a doubt, Adelaide offers excellent coffee and cafes in buzzing city areas or hidden side streets. Cibo is a well recognised cafe located at various destinations across Adelaide, including Henley Beach, Westfield Marion, Rundle Street and their newest edition at Findon.
What was once known as the local Video Ezy has now transformed into a Cibo cafe. Titled ‘Cibo Locale’ after a certain type of Italian coffee is the latest attraction to the western suburbs.
The cafe provides an all day breakfast and lunch but excludes a dinner menu as the store closes at 3:30pm everyday.The vibe is relaxed and chilled, which attracts customers of all ages who all have a similar desire: food, coffee and socialisation.
The image pictured was a dish off the lunch menu. It is crumbed prawns with rice, an egg and assorted steamed vegetables. Though it was beautifully presented, the waitress advised that the best way to eat the dish was to mix the food content together. A spicy sauce was also provided in a small dish on the side, but was unfortunately too hot for my taste buds. It was evident that the dish was thai or chinese-styled as it had a lot going on in one small plate and the flavours were slightly spicy but tasty and fresh from the prawns and vegetables.
A grilled cheese and ham sandwich was also ordered (half eaten on the right). I don’t know about you, but there’s something different about ordering a toasted sandwich when eating out. For some reason it tastes better than when prepared at home. In this case, the sandwich was grilled well as bread was slightly crusty but the cheese was perfectly melted.
The service was just what every customer wants: friendly and fast. Small peculators were also used in a creative fashion to store the sugar bags at each table. The front of the cafe was lit by the windows viewing Grange Road while the back is presented with rustic brick walls (very Italian).
The only critique would be to add pancakes to the breakfast menu!
Address: 225 Grange Rd, Findon SA

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