Swift takes on Adelaide by storm and sparkles

It has been three years since Taylor Swift has performed in Australia and Adelaide. Her last world tour, RED, was sold out all over the country and world but did not travel to Adelaide. This year, however, on the 1989 World Tour, Adelaide has been granted with two nights of Swift fun.

Australia has been waiting all year for Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour to arrive, and it’s finally here and almost over far too soon! Both last night (December 7th) and tonight (December 8th) Swift rocked the Adelaide Entertainment Centre opening with ‘Welcome to New York’ in a metallic blue skirt and purple jacket. Not only was the whole evening lit by Taylor’s sparkly outfits but also by wristbands given the each audience member that were in sync with the music. Fans were amazed by the rotating stage that brought Taylor closer to them, which hyped the adrenaline further. The stage also ensured that Taylor was able to get as close to her fans as possible in a orderly and tame way.


Without a doubt, the performances that seemed to be strong crowd pleasers were ‘Blank Space’, ‘Shake it Off’ and newest single ‘Out of the Woods. Although, the entire evening echoed the words to every song Swift performed, highlighting the success of the album and fan dedication.

Around ten costume changes were incorporated into the show, each specially designed to suit every song. For the electric song ‘Bad Blood’, Swift wore an all black attire with leather pants, and for ‘Shake it Off’ Swift wore an apple green tasseled crop top with shorts and matching wedged shoes.


The 1989 tour will conclude in Melbourne on the 12th of December, 2015. Undoubtedly, the world now waits for Swift’s next album and Adelaide will wait for the next live concert.


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